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General Requests:

  • Please respect our "no food on the mats" policy.

  • Covered beverages are allowed.  We would prefer water only.

  • No glass containers.

  • In order to respect our members privacy, please do not take any photos or video without permission from our team.


Hayabusa Academy is committed to maintaining a training environment that:

  • Promotes respect among all that train here.

  • Is a safe and clean place to train.

  • Is free from harassment and abuse.

To achieve these goals, we ask you follow the Academy Code of Conduct:

  • Promoting Respect

    • Do your best to arrive to classes in a timely manner.

    • Proper athletic training gear must be worn.

    • Always treat others, whether a coach or a training partner, with respect.

  • Safety and Cleanliness

    • Fingernails and toenails must be trimmed.​

    • Training gear must be washed and kept clean.

    • Hands must be washed after using the restroom.

    • Men should not stand at the urinal in barefoot.

    • Anyone training must wear a rash-guard or shirt under the Gi.

    • Do not train if you are feeling unwell.

    • Do not train if you have a contagious skin infection (Ringworm, cold sores, etc.)

    • Consider not training if you have recently spent time with someone unwell.

  • Free from Harassment or Abuse

    • We will not permit inappropriate jokes, comments, suggestions or actions concerning race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation or identity.​

    • We will not permit any sort of bullying, exclusion, or aggression which makes others feel unsafe or unwelcome.

    • We will not permit any sort of sexually inappropriate jokes, suggestions, or advances towards members which make others feel unsafe or unwelcome.

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