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If you have been training Jiu Jitsu for a while (maybe 6 months or more), you've probably heard about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu affiliations and wondered what they are and what they mean.  For the average student, earlier in their Jiu Jitsu journey, they don't really mean very much.  Even later in the journey, it's arguable whether understanding the significance of your Jiu Jitsu affiliation really impacts your Jiu Jitsu very much.  

It's not common, for people starting Jiu Jitsu, to search for a specific team or affiliation to start learning Jiu Jitsu.  Usually, finding a gym to train at, is more about convenience than anything.  Is it close to home or work?  Does their schedule work with mine?  Is it affordable?  Is the gym clean and are the people the type of people I want to be around?  These are some of the important questions that will help decide whether the gym is right for you.


After you've been training for a while, you will have seen or heard about the gym's Jiu Jitsu affiliation; and even then it may not register much with you.  And ultimately, if you're enjoying your training, does it really even matter? 

Well, it does start to matter a little once you start thinking about grading (especially higher ranks) and when you start thinking about competing (especially higher ranks).  But again, it really only matters about how you feel about your gym, your training partners and your coaches.  Those are the most important things.  

Truth be told, the head coach of your gym's Jiu Jitsu program, probably chose their affiliation, based on the same reasons, as to why you chose them as your gym.  It's what felt "right" for them.  

Here are a couple good articles to read about Jiu Jitsu affiliations:

We are very proud to be affiliated with Professor Elliott Bayev of OpenMat Mixed Martial Arts in Toronto, Ontario.

Some Jiu Jitsu affiliations can be a little "rigid" when it comes to rules.  We are not.

We will not:

  • Ask you to wear a certain Gi or Gi color

  • Ask you to remove team (affiliation) patches from your Gi

  • Ask you to pay for belts or testing or anything related to promotions.

We do believe that training martial arts can have a massive positive impact on one's life.  We also believe that it's important that people train at a place that makes them feel the most comfortable, even if it means that it's not Hayabusa Academy.

We are good friends with and highly endorse the following academies here in Kingston:

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