Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (aka BJJ) is a martial art, combat sport, and self defense system that focuses on grappling, and ground fighting. 

The effectiveness of BJJ has been proven time and time again in combat sports arenas such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  Although BJJ as a sport, doesn't include striking, this martial art is incredibly effective when it comes to neutralizing bigger, stronger opponents.  In self defense situations, a trained BJJ athlete will always fare extremely well against an untrained opponent.

how classes run

Our adult BJJ classes are divided into two types:

1.)  No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

2.) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the Gi

Quite often, the term "No Gi" is used to describe the first type, when the athletes do not wear a Gi (sometimes called a Kimono).  Generally No Gi athletes wear shorts and a compression shirt or t-shirt.  While training, athletes are not allowed to grab or hold the clothing of their opponent or training partner.  They are allowed to grab/hold parts of the body, like arms and legs.  Submissions are still allowed, and techniques are essentially the same as with Gi Jiu Jitsu.  There are however, less techniques available due to the lack of the Gi which can quite often be used during a submission.

In the second "type" of Jiu Jitsu, often referred to as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or BJJ), the assumption is that the athlete is wearing a Gi.  Here, the athlete is allowed to use / grab their own Gi, as well as their opponent's Gi, and it can be used to control their opponent, or even as part of the submission.  Generally speaking, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the Gi, is more popular than No Gi Jiu Jitsu.  Usually BJJ class sizes in the Gi or around 20 to 30 people, where as No Gi classes are usually half this size.


6:30pm - Fundamental Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

7:35pm - Randori / Sparring Classes

Our 6:30pm classes (both BJJ in the Gi, and No Gi) consist of fundamentals.  



  • Michael Tremblay

  • Piotr Oglaza


  • Sean Dougherty

  • Tony Toffolo

  • Jesse van Vlack

  • Chris Wellstood

Notes on Jiu Jitsu Teams:

We warmly welcome all teams to train with us, especially since we live in a city where many military families as well as university students move in and out of, on a regular basis. 


We are more than happy for you to wear your team patch on our mats.


Teams proudly represented on this list are:

  • Alliance BJJ

  • BTT Canada

  • Evolution BJJ


  • Jeff Bogue

  • Kirk Campbell

  • Michael Cao

  • Natasha Clara

  • Tony Doolittle

  • Adam Jeziorski

  • John McKay

  • Josh McRae

  • Anthony Restuccia

  • Sean Rocheleau

  • Ali Motahari

  • Tyler Wilson

  • Janet Wellstood


  • Matt Anfossie

  • Tim Burnham

  • Drew Cameron

  • Tom Doulas

  • Jacob James

  • Praveen John

  • Luke Kaufman

  • Dustin Kelly

  • Cory MacDonald

  • Nic McFarlane

  • Neal Michelutti

  • Kam Marynowski

  • Andrew Morrin

  • Adam Noseworthy

  • Brandon Palmer

  • Laura Perry

  • Josh Ranieri

  • Tylor Sands

  • Erik Snider

  • Johnny Stacey

  • Brandon Stephens

  • Marko Tesic

  • Anton Thorson

  • Russell VanHumbeck

  • Justin Yoo

  • Corey Young

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