• Entry & Exit Policy

    • Due to the fact that we need to control the number of people in our front lobby, we keep our front door locked during classes or while we are busy cleaning.  

    • Please complete the pre-entry screening form, for yourself and / or your child, every time you come to the gym.  It can be found here or can be easily accessed by scanning the QR Code on our front door.

    • Masks must be worn on entry and exit to the building, as well as in the training area, until at your specified training space.

    • Physical distancing of 2 meters (in Green Zone) and 3 meters (in Yellow, Orange Zones) must be maintained during entry and exit.

    • Please use hand sanitizer provided.

  • Changerooms

    • Our changerooms are open for single occupancy use.  Please lock the door behind you when using the changerooms, so that nobody else will accidentally enter after you.​

    • Although our showers are open, please consider the fact that when you are using the shower, the changeroom door is locked, an nobody else has access to the changeroom / washroom.

  • Cleaning / Disinfecting

    • We are cleaning / disinfecting between each class, which usually take approximately 15 minutes.​

    • Due to our cleaning time, please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early for class.  Additionally, please leave in a timely manner so that we have time to clean prior to the next class.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Please keep in mind that these are not OUR rules.  These are provincial wide regulations that we are following.