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Our Fitness Kickboxing class is an intense full body workout inspired by the striking techniques of Muay Thai. In this class, we punch and kick our way through high-intensity interval drills while having as much fun as possible! Our goal is to make getting stronger and in better shape a rewarding and enjoyable process.

The classes are 45 and 50 minutes in length and include a warm-up and stretching cool-down.  Each class has a unique workout, for maximum variety. 

Classes are listed on our timetable as Strike 45 (in light Green) and Strike 50 (in dark Green).
Try these class if you are looking for an exciting alternative to a regular gym workout or cross-training cardio.


Looking for the ultimate cardio conditioning bag workout?
Our Strike 45 & Strike 50 classes are the best independent workout that you will find.  

We have been teaching fitness kickboxing since 2008. 

Our experienced instructors will lead you through a fun, action packed class.

These classes include Muay Thai techniques on a heavy bag with a mix of exercises and challenges.  You will be moving non-stop, maximizing the 45 or 50 minutes you are in class.  The music will be pumping as we guide you through this intense, high energy class.

Strike 45: PACE

These classes are perfect for beginners and those who want a moderate paced workout.
Every class will have a warm up, short demo/lesson, rounds on the bag and up to two challenge rounds at your pace.
To ensure our classes are easy to follow, the combos on the bag and the challenge rounds will be kept simple and at a moderate pace.  

Strike 50: PUSH

These classes are perfect for those with some experience, or a lot of experience, and want to be PUSHED to their limits; no excuses.
Every class will have a warm up, rounds on the bag and two to four challenge rounds at a high intensity.

Strike 50: FUSED

All levels are welcome to attend these classes.
These classes combine a 20 to 25 minute weight component, with a 25 to 30 minute cardio component.
Weight component:  Could include, TRX, body bars, stability balls, free weights and / or kettle bells
The coach will walk you through a different workout every class.  The class is structured to maximize time, with short breaks between weights/stations.
Cardio component: A mini Strike class with combo building rounds on the bag and 1 to 2 challenges at a moderate or high intensity.

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