Although many of the striking techniques taught in our Fitness Kickboxing classes are derived from Muay Thai, the emphasis of these classes is primarily an intense full body workout, designed to burn as many calories as possible, while having as much fun as possible!

The classes are 50 minutes in length, including a warm up and cool down period.  No two classes are the same, so that every class is a new adventure.  Classes are Monday to Friday at 5:30pm and Saturday mornings at 10:05am.  Fitness members can attend any or all of these classes.  We quite often run optional fitness challenges to encourage and motivate our members.


Consider trying our classes as an alternative to the normal, gym membership!

Scott talks Fitness Kickboxing
Scott talks Fitness Kickboxing


Our Strength classes are an excellent addition to our Fitness Kickboxing program, and an even better alternative to the typical "big box" fitness gym membership.

​Strength classes are run as just that, a class, lead by an instructor, pushing you through your workout.  Not the same as a personal trainer, but one step removed.

strike 30

This is the LUNCH that packs a PUNCH!

A 30 minute lunch time cardio kickboxing class.  We have been teaching fitness kickboxing since our doors opened, our experienced instructors will lead you through a fun, action packed class.

This is a 12 week (36 class) program running from January 13th until April 10th .

Classes run: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (12:10pm to 12:40pm)


Special introductory offer of only $199.99 plus tax.


This class is great for all levels of athletes; beginner to advanced.


It will be YOU vs. The HEAVY BAG.

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