Step 3 - ReOpening and Back to Training

Ontario moves to Step 3 of the Roadmap to Reopening Framework on Friday July 16th. Although, we can technically reopen on Friday, we will delay our reopening date until Monday, July 19th to allow for a full week of training to begin.

Our Provincial Sport Organization has provided specific reopening guidelines for us, which are detailed below. This is exciting news, as it brings us even closer to the way we trained prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Indoor Training is permitted under the regulation at 50% capacity of the facility or 1000 persons, whichever is less. Maximum Capacity must be posted. Capacity is based on the Fire Code Capacity.

  • Masking rules apply for non-participants (spectators, coaches not engaged in the training) and for non-training times. Masking is not required during training.

  • Everyone entering the facility must be screened and recorded for contact tracing. (similar to current regulations) Additionally, the safety plan must be readily available upon request.

  • The facility must be sanitized regularly. (similar to what has been required throughout the pandemic)

  • Contact training is permitted in Step 3. Anything that is normally done in our Sport is permitted. (Fitness classes must maintain a 2m distance – this doesn’t apply to our Sport training.)

We are very excited to share this news, as we have worked extremely hard to follow all of the health guidelines throughout the duration of the pandemic. We have had amazing support from our members and coaches which has made all of the hard work worth it for us, and we greatly appreciate it.

While things aren’t over yet, this is the best news we’ve had in over 16 months due to the high vaccination rates and the favorable public health indicators. Additionally, due to the work done by the Combative Sport Collective, all organized Sport and the lobbying that all member clubs did our unified return to play proposal did make it up the chain for consideration and allowed for the good news we have now.

Thank you to everyone for your continued patience and understanding. Hoping to see everyone on the mats soon!

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