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3 Class Trial Pass

$25 (+tax)

  • Valid for 2 Weeks, the 3 CLASS PASS gives you the ability to try any of the classes on our timetable.

  • This one time use trial membership allows potential new members to "try out the gym". You can decide if you like the classes, schedule, people, instructors, and most importantly, the vibe.

  • We will lend you whatever equipment is necessary to attend your 3 classes during the 3 class pass.

Why start with a "3 Class Trial Pass"?

  • Low initial investment.

  • We will lend you the equipment to try your first 3 classes.

  • We will treat you like a member. 

  • We always recommend that people start with a 3 Class Trial Pass.  Not only does joining a gym need to be convenient, (in terms of location, training times, etc), but it also needs to be the right "fit" for you.  It needs to "feel right".  Ask yourself if you feel comfortable enough here to make this a habit.  A place you look forward to coming to on a regular basis.  Regardless of whether you're coming to us to learn a martial art, for our fitness classes, or both, it needs to be a place you enjoy coming to.

How to purchase a Trial Pass or a Monthly Membership:

  1. Online:  At the bottom of this page you will find a button labeled "Sign Up".  In this section you can enter your information to purchase a 3 Class Trial Pass as well as our monthly membership options. 

  2. By Email:  It's also extremely easy to register for a membership via email.  If you could send us the following information we would be happy to register you for a membership.​

    • Name:​

    • Address:

    • Email Address:

    • Phone Number:

    • Date of Birth:

    • Emergency Contact Name:

    • Emergency Contact Number:

    • When you would like to start:

  3. By Phone:  You are more than welcome to call us at any time (613-484-5455) to ask questions, gather information or register for a membership.

  4. In Person:  We are always pleased to have people drop in to view the facility and ask questions.  We can also do in person registration for all of our memberships.  Please check our Timetable for times when we are OPEN or times when classes are running.  There are instances when we may not be at the front counter because we are either instructing a class or taking a class.  It's wise to let us know either by phone or email, that you're coming.

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