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Muay Thai Classes

The Art of 8 Limbs

Muay Thai is a striking martial art which originated in Thailand and is known for its emphasis on technique and its effectiveness.  In this class, you don’t just learn how to punch, but also how to kick, knee, and elbow.

If you are looking for an exciting conditioning workout or you would like to learn a functional martial art, try Muay Thai!

How Classes Are Run

Our Level 1 Muay Thai class is the perfect place to start if you're brand new to Muay Thai.  It is a fun, instructional based class, designed to motivate you while learning the basics.  Although it's a shorter class (50 minutes), you'll still get a great workout!


The Level 2 Muay Thai classes are 1 hour classes that include a brief warm up, and then proceed directly into technique instruction.  During instruction, you will work in pairs and practice the techniques that the coach has instructed.  This gives the coach(s) the opportunity to walk around and assist, correct and help perfect your technique.  The second portion of the class is pad work.  You will either hold pads for your partner, or hit pads while your partner holds for you.  When the class ends, you should feel exhausted, but awesome.  The Level 2 classes are also appropriate for beginners.


Our Level 3 Muay Thai classes are intended for people with 6 months or more experience.  The class is designed to be minimal instruction.  A hard Muay Thai warm up, followed by several rounds on either the Thai pads or heavy bag, followed by optional rounds of sparring.

What to bring to your first class:

  • An athletic shirt you are comfortable training in.

  • Athletic shorts or leggings preferably with no pockets or zippers.

  • A water bottle.

  • A towel and soap if you wish to shower at the academy.

  • Nothing else is necessary! (If you are on a trial, we will provide you with gloves and striking equipment during your trial.)

What you will need if you decide to continue training Muay Thai:

  • You will need to purchase your own gloves, a pair of hand wraps, and shin guards.

  • If you wish to eventually get into sparring, a mouth guard is highly recommended.

  • Men should consider wearing a groin protector for sparring.

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