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Fitness Kickboxing Classes

Fitness Kickboxing

Our Fitness Kickboxing Package is the perfect trio. With 3 different styles of classes; appropriately named “STRIKE” classes, you can customize your training schedule to attend the classes that best suit you.

All classes provide a full body workout inspired by the striking techniques of Muay Thai.

All classes combine heavy bag work with a mix of exercises and challenges.


Our goal is to make getting stronger, and in better shape, a rewarding and enjoyable process.  

  • The classes are 45 and 50 minutes in length and include a warm-up and stretching cool-down.  

  • Each class has a unique workout, for maximum variety.

  • Classes are listed on our timetable as STRIKE 50: PUSH, STRIKE 50: FUSED, STRIKE 45: PACE 

    • FUSED - This class combines 25 minutes of free weights with 25 minutes of fitness kickboxing​

    • PACE - Perfect for beginners, this class starts with a quick technique lesson followed by simple combo building rounds on the bag, at your pace, and short challenge round to get your heart rate up.

    • PUSH - This is a fast paced class (bring your cardio), that switches back and forth between combo rounds on the bag and longer challenge rounds.  Challenge rounds could be: individual, partner, group or circuits.

  • A Fitness Membership will also give you access to the Friday Level 1 Muay Thai (Beginner) class at 5:30pm.

These classes are perfect if you are looking for an exciting alternative to a regular gym workout or cross-training cardio.

  • We have been teaching fitness kickboxing since 2008.  

  • Our experienced instructors will lead you through a fun, action packed class.  

  • The music will be pumping as we guide you through these intense, high energy classes.

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