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About Us

There are often preconceived ideas of what a martial arts gym is like.  We are different than what you're thinking.  We do teach fitness and martial arts classes, but we are so much more.  We are a group of very different individuals, coming together as a family, to help and support each other's goals.

We are Auto Mechanics, School Teachers, City Engineers, Police Officers, Doctors, Students, Carpenters, Musicians, Paramedics, Real Estate Agents, Military Personnel, Hair Stylists, Correctional Officers, Fire Fighters, Baristas, IT Specialists, Electricians, Servers,  Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers, Everyday People. 

We are for the everyday person who strives to make that 1% daily improvement, regardless of whether you are an athlete or not; a man or a woman, a child or an adult. 

We take the time to learn everyone's name and a little bit about them, and their goals.  We invest ourselves in your personal progress, whether it be fitness based or martial arts based.  We care about your progress, and work hard to keep you motivated even when it's tough to stay motivated.  You're not just a number, with a membership card walking through the front door.  You're an individual, with  your own personal goals and reasons for wanting to achieve those goals.  You are part of our family.

Our Coaching Team

Facility Images

Our main training area consists of:

  • over 3000 square feet of matted space

  • over 100 feet of padded walls.

  • 20 hanging bags

  • 1 tear drop Aqua Bag

  • 1 speed bag

  • 5 free standing bags

Our upstairs training area consists of:

  • 20 foot (professional size) boxing ring

Our front lobby consists of:

  • Pro shop

  • Seating / lounging area

  • Changerooms with showers

  • Free guest WiFi

Academy Code of Conduct

General Requests:

  • Please respect our "No food on the mats" policy.

  • Covered beverages are allowed.  We would prefer water only and no sugar drinks.

  • No glass containers

  • In order to respect our members privacy, please do not take photos or video without permission from our team.

Code of Conduct:

Hayabusa Academy is committed to maintaining a training environment that:

  • Promotes respect among all that train here.

  • Is a safe and clean place to train.

  • Is free from harassment and abuse.

To achieve these goals, we ask you follow the Academy Code of Conduct:

Promoting Respect:

  • Do your best to arrive to classes in a timely manner.

  • Proper athletic training gear must be worn.

  • Always treat others, whether a coach or a training partner, with respect.

Safety and Cleanliness:

  • Fingernails and toenails must be trimmed.

  • Training gear must be washed and kept clean.

  • Hands must be washed after using the restroom.

  • Men should not stand at the urinal in barefoot.

  • Anyone training must wear a rash-guard or shirt under the Gi.

  • Do not train if you are feeling unwell.

  • Do not train if you have a contagious skin infection (Ringworm, cold sores, etc.).

  • Consider not training if you have recently spent time with someone unwell.

Free from Harassment or Abuse:

  • We will not permit inappropriate jokes, comments, suggestions or actions concerning race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation or identity.

  • We will not permit any sort of bullying, exclusion, or aggression which makes others feel unsafe or unwelcome.

  • We will not permit any sort of sexually inappropriate jokes, suggestions, or advances towards members which make others feel unsafe or unwelcome.

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