Membership Options
1 Month Membership
6 Month Membership
12 Month Membership
Mixed Martial Arts
$159 / month
$149 / month
$139 / month
Muay Thai
$139 / month
$129 / month
$119 / month
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
$139 / month
$129 / month
$119 / month
$119 / month
$109 / month
$99 / month

payment information

  • 6 month and 12 month memberships will require us to have payment information on file so that automated payments can be made on the pre-specified payment schedule.

  • Memberships that do not have payment information on file will be considered 1 month memberships and charged at the 1 month membership rate.

Membership HOLD policy

  • We will allow our members to place their membership on HOLD:

    • 6 month membership: 2 times per membership term.

    • 12 month membership: 3 times per membership term.

  • Memberships can be placed on HOLD for a maximum of weeks/months at a time, unless it is related to an injury or for military reasons.

  • Memberships placed on HOLD will continue payments on the pre-specified payment schedule, however, membership time will be placed on HOLD.

cancelation policy

  • We will allow our members to cancel their 6 month or 12 month membership (without charging a cancellation fee) for the following reasons.

    • Serious Injuries​

    • Moving

    • Military posting

  • Members cancelling their membership outside of the above reasons may be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to 1 month of their current membership.

late or bounced Payments policy​

  • Late or NSF payments may be subject to a $5.00 fee.

membership changes

  • We allow our members to make changes to their membership at any time.  (ie, changing from a Muay Thai membership to a Mixed Martial Arts membership.  Or changing from a Muay Thai membership to a Fitness membership.

  • We will make membership changes without any additional fees being applied.